Magnetism Exam1 and  Problem Solutions

1. Find the forces exerted by S poles of magnets given below.









2. Find resultant magnetic field at point O, produced by I1, I2 and I3.












Magnitudes of magnetic fields;

B1=2k.6/0,1=12.10-7/10-1=12.10-6 N/Amps.m

B2=2k.4/0,1=8.10-7/10-1=8.10-6 N/Amps.m

B3=2k.8/0,1=16.10-7/10-1=16.10-6 N/Amps.m









Bresultant=4√5.10-6 N/Amps.m


3. A, B and C wires are given below. Find the magnetic field of A, B and C at points X and Y.











Directions of magnetic fields at point X are found using right hand rule.

BA: outward





Directions of magnetic fields at point Y are;

BA: inward





Ratio of magnetic fields;



4. Solenoid having number of loops N and surface area A is shown in picture given below. If we change the position of solenoid as shown in the picture below, find the equation used for finding induced emf of solenoid.










Induced emf=ε=-(∆Φ)/(∆t).N

Change in Flux;


Φ1=0, since cross section area of solenoid and magnetic field lines are parallel to each other.





5. Draw the directions of magnetic field lines at point A, B, C and D in the picture given below.











Directions of magnetic field lines are drawn from N pole to S pole as shown in the picture given below.









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