Physics Tutorials is an education site that includes general physics topics. Students at high schools and university can find any physics subjects in this site. Since vectors are basic of most of the physics subjects, we choose it to be first topic of this site. You can find general definition and addition of vectors. Moreover, some exercises are given related to multiplying vectors with a scalar.

Second topic is mechanics which is divided into two as kinematics and dynamics. Kinematics deals with motion of particles. In this section you can find some definitions related to motion like distance, displacement, speed and velocity, acceleration, graphs of motion, free fall, relative velocity, riverboat problems and projectile motion. On the contrary, dynamics deals with causes of motion such as force, Newton’s laws of motions, normal force, and friction force. Energy, work and power are another topic discussed in this site. As you can guess, this section gives information about work, power, energy, potential energy, kinetic energy and conservation of energy law.

Impulse momentum gives information about definitions of impulse and momentum, conservation of momentum law and collisions.

Rotational motion is also discussed in this site. It deals with rotational or circular motion. You can find tangential speed and velocity, angular velocity, angular acceleration, centripetal force, centrifugal force and torque in this section.

Optic is one of the branch of physics which deals with the light and properties of it. In this section, reflection of light, plane and curved mirrors, special rays reflecting from plane and curved mirrors, refraction of lights, laws of refraction, critical angle and total reflection and apparent depth real depth are discussed.

General properties of matter are another topic of this site. Mass, volume, inertia, density and elasticity are defined and explained with examples.

Heat and temperature section is another topic of physics tutorials. In this unit, you can find definitions of heat and temperature concepts, heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Moreover, there are some calculations with heat transfer and change of phase. Phase transition of water, thermal expansion and contraction are another subjects discussed in this section.

Electrostatics is an introduction to electricity. There are some basic concepts like types of charging, grounding, electroscope, electrical forces-Coulomb’s law, electric field, electric potential and electric potential energy, capacitors and capacitance and connections of capacitors in this part of site.

Electric current covers topics; electric current and flow of charges, Ohm’s Law resistance and resistors, combination of resistors, common electric circuits and combination of batteries, alternating current and direct current and diodes, electric power and energy, finding potential difference between two points in a circuit. Moreover, you can find exercises and many problems and solutions related to these topics under this title.

Magnetism is another topic discussed in physics tutorials. You can find magnetic field, magnetic flux and permeability, magnetic field of earth, magnetic effect of current magnetic field around a circular wire and solenoid, force acting on moving particle and current carrying wire and transformers subjects in this site.

A wave is the last topic of physics tutorials. It includes subjects; properties of waves, direction of wave propagation, interference of spring waves, reflection of spring waves, water waves and refraction of waves.

There are numbers of problems and solutions, exam questions of each topic in this site. Students study and do exercise by solving problems.