Properties Of Matter

Matter Everything around us has mass and volume and they occupy space, and we called them as matter. It can be in four sate, like solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Properties of Matter We will talk about main properties of matter in this unit like, mass, volume, density, elasticity, inertia…etc. Properties of Matter You can classify matters with their physical or observable properties and chemical or unobservable properties, for example their smells, colors, shapes give you an idea about it. On the contrary unobservable properties like conductivity of the matter cannot be understood from appearance or smells of the matter.

Mass Mass is the quantity of the matter in a substance. We show mass with m, and unitsof mass can be gram (g) or kilogram (kg). Properties of Matter It is not the distinguishing property but common property of matters, because different matters can have same mass.

Inertia Inertia is one of the properties of matter. It is the resistance of the matter to change its state of motion. An unbalanced force can only change the state of motion of the matter.

Volume Volume is the space occupied by the matter. It is also common property of matter and does not help us in distinguishing them. Properties of Matter We show it with V and unit used in SI system is . Volume formulas for some geometric shapes are given below. Properties of Matter

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