Kinematics Cheat Sheet


Distance: Distance is a scalar quantity representing the interval between two points. It is just the magnitude of the interval. Kinematics Displacement: Displacement can be defined as distance between the initial and final point of an object. It is a vector quantity having both magnitude and direction. Kinematics Displacement is zero Distance taken is=lABl+lBCl+lCAl

Speed: Speed can be defined as “how fast something moves” or it can be explained more scientifically as “the distance covered in a unit of time”. Speed is a scalar quantity. Kinematics Velocity: It can be defined as “speed having direction” or displacement in a unit of time. Velocity is a vector quantity and it has both magnitude and direction. Kinematics Acceleration: We can easily define acceleration as “change in velocity”. This change can be in the magnitude (speed) of the velocity or in the direction of the velocity. Kinematics Equations of Linear Motion: Kinematics Free Fall: Motion of an object dropped from a height without initial velocity. Only force acting on an object is its weight or gravitational force. Equations of free fall; V=g.t Kinematics

Kinematics Exams and Solutions